We found the leak!

September 9th, 2014
A member of Freedom Church here with us for the week

A member of Freedom Church here with us for the week

We are praising God today! With the help of Freedom Church, led by Keith Smith, we were able to find the leak in the pipes preventing us from getting our construction permits. It actually turned out to be 7 leaks – but IT IS FIXED! They also discovered a blocked pipe that was affecting our water pressure! Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray as we move forward in the process of obtaining legal approval to begin construction.

We also ask that you would pray for the next Vinculo de Amor board meeting that we will be hosting, along with dinner, at our house this Thursday evening. We have a full weekend ahead with this meeting/dinner on Thursday, Freedom Church dinner at our house on Friday, Hungry Church on Saturday, and then we will be celebrating Richard’s 40th birthday on Sunday!

Through your prayers,
Mullinax 6

Keith Smith (IN), leader of the construction team here with us now.

Keith Smith (IN), leader of the construction team here with us now.

New addition to our family

September 6th, 2014

Tess and kids

Someone told me (Jen) in May of this year that God would be sending me some support to help care for my needs and the needs of my family. Tess joined our family a little over a week ago and has committed to helping our family as nanny for three months! She will be joining us as we travel to Montana and Colorado this fall! This is one of the ways God has provided this support!

Please pray for us and Freedom Church (Indianapolis) this coming week. They arrive today to help with construction at Wired and at Proyecto Metamorfosis. Also please pray for production to increase at Proyecto Metamorfosis so that we can arrive quickly at a break-even point.

Daniel Duda – One to Go

September 5th, 2014

Processing Receipts on Finance Day

Processing Receipts on Finance Day


Well, we are winding down our busy group season. It’s hard to believe that our last group of the year is coming down this week. However, I’ll have far from a break in workload after their departure. Starting next week I will be hard at work trying to prepare everything financially for the merger of Wired, Love Link, and Metamorphosis. Ricardo has promoted me from Wired accountant to CFO over the 3 projects, and I’m finding I have a lot to learn and to do before the merger finalizes in January. Please pray for me to be a quick learner and to excel in an area that is pretty different than what I got my degree in (Chemical Engineering).

In addition to that, I have agreed to teach an English class at Project Metamorphosis starting at the end of September. It sounds like I will have about 15-20 of the employees in attendance and the first semester I will offer will be 12 weeks long. One of the major reasons I returned to El Salvador was that I felt God calling me to start an English school of some sort, and since then, I have been taking online classes to get my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification. It’s awesome to see such a quick opportunity arise for me to gain experience – and in one of our own ministries! Please pray that I would be able to have access to all the materials I will need, for me to teach clearly and effectively as this is my first formal class, and for the employees of Metamorphosis to learn the language quickly. This is a great chance for them since many of the higher paying jobs here can be attained by knowing English proficiently.

Thanks for all the prayer and support!

Lots of Travel

September 1st, 2014

Wow. The past 4 weeks have been so full!

I travelled to Colorado to participate in the COMPASS program at Mission Training International. It was an excellent time of equipping and training. The first two weeks of the program focused on language learning, from phonetics to learning projects. Basically we learned how to learn a language.

The second two weeks of the program covered a variety of topics through many interactive ways. The topics were relevant to long term sustainability on the mission field and included transition, giving thanks, conflict resolution, family dynamics, Sabbath keeping, grief and loss, saying goodbye, and more. It was incredible to meet and bond with 70 other people in the program who are soon headed out to countries all around the world.

I am now in Atlanta doing a little scoping out of Northpoint ministries, particularly how they run their kids program. I’m hoping hoping to gain as much insight as possible for Hungry.

After all the travel, I am excited to be back in El Salvador in a week!


Talk about challenge!

August 26th, 2014
Celebrating with Rootbeer floats!

Celebrating with Rootbeer floats!

Alton and Felice, along with the family, not only took the ice-bucket challenge and donated to A League of Service, in memory and honor of Cliff Williams, former Rocky Mountain District pastor in Nampa Idaho who visited El Salvador in 2009. Alton and Felice also took on the challenge to go for one year without drinking soda with the purpose of raising money for Broken! Their goal was to raise $1000 and they met that goal! This was not an easy challenge for a 8 and 10 year old, as they often had class parties in which everyone but them was drinking soda! Thank you for all who participated alongside of them as well as those who donated to Broken on their behalf!

Thank you for praying for the meeting last Wednesday with the foundation who manages the grant for the new machines in Metamorphosis. The first meeting was difficult but, after five more hours on Friday it seems the project can be achieve its objectives. Our team here is putting substantial efforts into the project and we appreciate your prayers for good production, good attitudes, more orders, and success in the campaign to get more sponsors here in El Salvador.

Click here to see our ice bucket video on Facebook or if you prefer youtube click here.

Part of A Bigger Team!

August 25th, 2014

There was still time amongst the busy group season this summer to enjoy some rest, relaxation and fun. Even though the summer break for our kids is much shorter than the states, we still found opportunities individually and as a family to recharge. We had some important days to celebrate as well. James and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on August 16th! We also hit our one year anniversary since we left our home to follow God’s call here to El Salvador at the beginning of August! Hard to believe that a year ago August 4th we opened up to a new chapter God has written for us. Like our first year of marriage, our first year in El Salvador has been met with many blessings as well as hardships. We’ve come face to face with persecution in unexpected ways…God is teaching us a deeper dependence, a walk of humility, and a strength to persevere which means our suffering is not in vain (But even if you suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed…1 Peter 3:14). At times it feels like we are in the wilderness. Navigating unfamiliar circumstances is a prime opportunity to become more familiar with our heavenly Father. He wants to bless us in spite of our insecurities over new surroundings…over new territories. Our desire is to seek God during our wilderness experiences. Because as our faith is tested, we persevere. As we persevere our trust in the Lord matures and we become complete in Christ. We don’t lack anything because we have everything we need in Him. Our wilderness is His blessing.

Speaking of blessing…we have been beyond blessed this past week with a team from our very own church back home in Appleton, Wisconsin. A construction group of 11 guys were here serving the ministry and the people of El Salvador. God is loving us through these guys who have poured out their prayers, support, and encouragement to us while they were here. Thank you God for providing just what we needed at such a time as this!

Humbly His, Lisa for the Schuenke Family

That time again!

August 18th, 2014

1st day school 14

Today all four Mullinax kids started the 2014-2015 school year! Raquel will go every morning until noon for “Kinder”! Arrow is in 1st grade, Felice in 3rd, and Alton in 6th! Please pray for the entire family as we re-adjust to the school schedule and specifically for Raquel as it is her first time attending school!


Thank you for praying! The shoe company we contract with at Metamorfosis has agreed to help us with our supply chain problems! Please pray as Richard has a big meeting on Wednesday with the foundation that handles the EU grant for the shoe factory.

We still ask for your prayer as we seek to find the leak under the parking area at Wired and the solution to fixing it so that we can continue with the construction permits.

Thanks for praying!

What´s happenin?

August 13th, 2014

Hello everyone!

Surrendering to the Lord takes on new meaning each day. He is worth it all!

This past month, I was Point for a group coming from a partnering church in New York. It was the first time out of all the times I have been Point that I relinquished control of many things and depended heavily on our highly capable Wired Squad. Again, that idea of surrendering things – letting them out of our control – is HARD but brings so much peace, takes away stress, and builds up/encourages those around you on whom you are relying! So why don´t we surrender things more quickly? It´s a work in progress! We as a staff, and the whole group, had a wonderful week. The group split in two: one group focused on construction at Wired, finishing dorm bathrooms and sheetrock upstairs and the other group did VBS at an ISNA (government-run) orphanage and a local after-school program. They also spent time helping at Vinculo de Amor.

You´ve all heard about the football league here, but you probably don´t know that they´ve started a women´s flag football club as well! And guess who´s going to be playing??! In the picture, our team was being introduced to the fans and men´s contact league! I laugh to think that I am playing football in Central America AND it´s the first time in my life I have been on an official sport´s team! Oh, the places God takes us and the things we do! I´ll keep you posted how it´s going. Please pray for deep, life-changing connections to be made with the women on the team!

photo 2

Blessings to all!

Karate gospel

August 8th, 2014
Nathan (Missoula) has returned for a second visit to share what God has done in his life while teaching a valuable skill

Nathan (Missoula) has returned for a second visit to share what God has done in his life while teaching a valuable skill

This week we have enjoyed serving alongside Glendive, Montana along with Nathan Thomas (Missoula). We assisted CDA (Communidad de Adoracion) in putting together a successful VBS outreach to a neighbouring at-risk community. Tomorrow we will finish a three-day evangelism ministry. Nathan Thomas has returned to share his martial arts expertise along with his testimony while at the same time the Glendive team shares their testimonies to those waiting for the participants. We have already witnessed some decisions to accept Christ and we request your prayers for tomorrow morning!

Please continue to keep Metamorfosis in prayer. Although we had a record breaking production day this past week, we continue to face many obstacles such as being provided the correct materials to be able to do the job.

Please also keep CDA in your prayers. We don’t have all of the details at this time, but we are aware that Pastor Carlos’s Dad is in the hospital in very bad health. Also, a family in the church has recently had to flee their home due to the gang threatening the life of the father.

Glendive sharing the gospel while Nathan shares the gospel inside after teaching martial arts

Glendive sharing the gospel while Nathan shares the gospel inside after teaching martial arts

the significance of today

August 1st, 2014
Richard presented this morning to the newly revitalized Salvadoran Board of Vinculo de Amor

Richard presented this morning to the newly revitalised Salvadoran Board of Vinculo de Amor

This morning the first meeting was held with the revitalized Salvadoran board for Vinculo de Amor/Metamorfosis. (This is a HUGELY important step because Broken will have official legal standing with the Salvadoran government.) Because of your prayers and God’s grace and provision, several very influential men of El Salvador were in attendance, all of whom are enthusiastic for the mission and vision of Broken and also supportive of us, personally. Praise God!

The latest development in obtaining permission to expand our building is that water was found under the cement in the parking lot area, which is the area we desire to expand. We need to discover where the leak is coming from and how extensive the leak is. This could be a very complicated process and who knows what we will find?! Please join us praying that we can easily find and fix this issue in order that the process can continue.

Our new flyer for the church plant targeting the Deportee population

Our new flyer for the church plant targeting the Deportee population

We continue to be blessed by the teams and the individuals who come through Envision Wired.  This past week, Travis from New York, a personal fitness trainer and gym owner, encouraged our family by taking personal time with us and showing us some fitness routines.

We continue to be blessed by the teams and the individuals who come through Envision Wired. This past week, Travis from New York, a personal fitness trainer and gym owner, encouraged our family by taking personal time with us and showing us some fitness routines.