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pray for real peace in El Salvador

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

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El Salvador is having a terribly violent year but nevertheless was rocked Sunday by an act the news agencies are calling terrorism. Gang members seized a public bus and used gasoline to set it on fire killing 14 people inside. This happened on the north side of the capital in a neighborhood called Mejicanos where one of our churches is located and some of our friends– including Pastor Mario and his family– live.

Please pray that many in El Salvador would come to know the peace of the Savior. Please also pray that we would be able to leave Friday for Nicaragua to meet a construction team from Jasper, Georgia who will be waiting for us. We were supposed to leave today (Wednesday) but a missing letter “J” among the many pages our lawyer typed caused them to start the process over.

Finally, please pray for Asher Peña who is again having serious trouble with a valve in his brain. Asher is the grandson of Francisco (national C&MA president for El Salvador) and son of Michael Peña.

Grace and peace,

Richard, Jen, Alton, Felice, Arrow & Raquel
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Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!
Several things have brought you to our minds as we realize our dependence on a team. Some moments that made us pause include:

–We are grateful for giving to the Great Commission Fund which provides great health benefits when he had to pay the hospital bill for Raquel’s birth and all the related doctor appointments.

— We are thankful for 24 hour security and a safe neighborhood (also provided by the GCF) when we read in the paper yesterday of the assassination of a police agent, his mother, and two sisters.

— We are thankful for continued giving to our Work and Outfit Funds which help us minister and meet some schooling expenses (respectively).

— We are thankful for you prayers as we have travelled and worked with the students from Eagle church (near Indianapolis, who are here with AYMission.

We would appreciate your prayers in the following days. We are enjoying working with the awesome group of students from Eagle church and, they have two outreach concerts coming up this weekend. After they leave we have to hurry and get everything ready for our 2 week trip to Nicaragua which begins next Wednesday morning — if our paperwork is all in order.

Thank you for being on our team,
The Mullinax family
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proud Americans

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Pushing back the darkness

The paperwork marathon finished today with us walking out of the US embassy thankful for our country literally singing as we walked down the sidewalk, “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free…” Raquel’s application for citizenship was accepted despite several mistakes — one they even used white-out to cover up. So, if you ever get frustrated with your government, remember that it is actually excellent by comparison. Our four trips to immigration over the past week to get our legal residence are proof of that. Thank you for praying us through and yes, they finally accepted the papers on Monday!

(We wrote details of our adventure with Salvadoran immigration on our blog and plan to write soon about the amazing difference between that and the US embassy experience.)

This week please pray for us as we are helping AYMission with a team of 24 from the student ministries of Eagle Church near Indianapolis — the schedule is very demanding and includes our first attempt at implementing the CPE training we received two weeks ago. We also need prayer for a situation here in our neighborhood where one of the young boys has been acting out frequently toward our kids (breaking toys, etc.) and we want to show him love and Christ at work in our lives.

The Mullinax family

PS. Life has been crazy busy so, we are including a few extra photos of what is going on. Enjoy them if you have time.

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Illegal Immigrants

Friday, June 4th, 2010

I was thinking that people would be less critical of illegal immigrants if the knew some, or knew how hard it is to wade through the bureaucratic nightmare of staying legal. El Salvador didn’t event bureaucracy nor the bureaucrat but, they have world class in both categories. Back in March we were lacking some of the papers we needed from our HQ in order to apply for residency so we spent some time collecting and turning in a bunch of official documents to extend our temporary tourist visa. We also learned, or thought we learned, details of what we would need to apply for residency.

So, we had our part together and the translator and lawyer got their parts together the day before Raquel was born so, that caused a little delay. We got together with her and reviewed the paperwork on Monday — looks good. On Tuesday we went to the Government Center and watched and listened as the man behind the desk reject some of our papers for different reasons. For example, he rejected our children’s physicals because the doctor stamped them with his round official seal instead of a rectangular one. This was not nearly as impressive as his randomly requiring new papers. For example, he decided that since I had come into the country three times over the past 9 1/2 months that I had entered “frequently” and needed an official police background check.

I went to the police station about 1:30 in the afternoon the same day and they told me that they were full for the day and to come back in the morning. I showed up at exactly 6:45AM on Wednesday and was delighted to be only #21 in line. I was equally delighted to be done with the process in only 1 1/2 hours.

So, today we went back to immigration with square stamped physicals in hand and all of the kids in tow (as required). This time the lady rejected completely different papers for completely different reasons — the same ones the first official had said were OK. She said that the translation of some of documents needed to be exact (Like if you know English well enough to know the translation to Spanish is incorrect, why do you even need it translated?) She said that a pressed seal needed to be translated (like you can read the letters on a pressed seal on a document?).

So now we are wondering: what will happen if we don’t get our residency next week? Something has to give. If we have to leave the country for 72 hours to renew our tourist visa then, obviously, we need to be able to take Raquel with us. If Raquel doesn’t have official paperwork, we have to stay in the country and become “illegal immigrants”.

rain days

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Joel Van Hoogen

You might have had snow days but, have you ever heard of school being let out because of rain? Tropical Storm Agatha has dumped so much water on El Salvador that the Ministry of Education closed school for two days this week. One internet site ( reported that ten Salvadorans are dead, two are missing and 11,000 evacuated. This same site also reported 95% of the roads were affected by landslides and 179 bridges wrecked. Please pray for El Salvador as well as Guatemala which has been hit even harder with more devastating results.

Please pray for our family as we are on a final push to get our resident visas. It appears it will consume all week and we need to have not only that paperwork but also Raquel’s paperwork in place for an upcoming trip to Nicaragua to help with a team from Georgia.

Grateful for your prayers,
The Mullinax family

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